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Spa protection zones


In health resort zones or in the protection zones of health resorts there are three kinds of areas, marked by letters A, „and C :

  • zone A – includes areas with existing or planned spa units and spa equipment, and also other facilities used for spa treatment or provision of services for patients that do not hinder spa treatment (particularly: pensions, restaurants or cafés) for which the percentage of cultivated green areas is at least 65%.
  • zone B – the percentage of biologically active areas is at least 50%; it covers the area adjacent to zone „A” and is intended for facilities that have no adverse effect on the therapeutic properties of the health resort or a protection health resort zone and are patient-friendly, such as service-oriented and tourist facilities (including hotels, leisure, sports and municipal buildings), residential housing and other infrastructure related to fulfilling the needs of people staying on this territory. It can also be located in the area of a national park and nature reserve or it can be a forest, sea or a lake.
  • zone C – the percentage of biologically active areas is at least 45%; it covers the area adjacent to zone „B”. It has impact on the conservation of landscape and climatic qualities and affects deposits of natural medicinal resources.

Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health is an office of government administration serving the Minister of Health.

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