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Treatment of children with coma


The programme covers comprehensive treatment of patients who stay in coma. According to the recommendations of the therapeutic team, the services include:

  • medical and nursing care;
  • tests ordered by a physician;
  • pain treatment;
  • spasticity treatment with the use of botulinum toxin;
  • psychological care of the patient and their family;
  • rehabilitation;
  • enteral and parenteral nutrition;
  • supply of medical goods and auxiliary measures necessary for the provision of the guaranteed service.

The programme concerns patients who meet the following criteria:

  • patients who received 6 to 8 points in the Glasgow Coma Scale (GSC);
  • patients remaining in coma in the period no longer than 12 months from the moment of injury or 6 months from the moment of nontraumatic coma onset;
  • stability of the basic life parameters;
  • respiratory stability without mechanical support;
  • patient’s age from 2 to 18 years old (patients who were less than 18 years old when the treatment commenced).

Ministry of Health

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