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Hospital treatment


Hospital services are comprehensive healthcare services provided 24-hour, that include diagnosis, treatment, care and rehabilitation, which may not be implemented under other stationary and 24-hour healthcare services or outpatient health services. Hospital services are also services granted with the intention to terminate them in a period that does not exceed 24 hours.

Guaranteed services within the scope of hospital treatment include:

  1. guaranteed services which are further divided into medical procedures (Part I) and diagnosis (part II);
  2. diagnostic tests and drugs or medical devices, in the scope necessary to perform the guaranteed services;
  3. chemotherapy services.

Service provision methods:

  1. hospitalisation;
  2. scheduled hospitalisation;
  3. one-day treatment.

Healthcare provider who provides hospitalisation and planned hospitalisation services is obliged to guarantee non-stop medical and nursing assistance or midwifery assistance on all weekdays.

The guaranteed services are provided according to the current medical knowledge with the use of diagnostic and therapeutic methods other than those used in unconventional, folk or oriental medicine.

Plastic surgery or cosmetic treatments are services guaranteed only in cases resulting from congenial disorders, injury or the consequence of its treatment.

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Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health is an office of government administration serving the Minister of Health.

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