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Tackling the corruption


There are at least several areas in the operation of the Ministry of Health, which are of particular risk of corruption phenomena. These include among others legislative activity, contacts with the external clients (in particular with the representatives of the pharmaceutical sector when drawing-up the list of reimbursed drugs), selection of the health programmes contractors and service providers in the area of highly-specialized health services financed by the Minister of Health.

The threat of corruption is to be eliminated by the solutions covered by the generally applicable provisions of the ‚Procedure for receiving external clients in the Minister of Health’, Ordinance no. 2 of the Director General of the Ministry of Health of 14 March, 2006 on the manner of proceeding of the employees of the Minister of Health against the actions taken by the entities involved in professional lobbing and the entities involved in professional lobbing not entered into the activity register, amended by the Ordinance no. 6 of the Director General of the Ministry of Health of 6 May, 2006 and by the analyses of the draft normative acts drew up by the coordinators for anti-corruption activities with a view to possible corruption risk identification and actions focused on the employees of the Ministry of Health aiming at increase of their ethical awareness, anti-corruption sensitivity and contribute to strengthening of the ‚anti-corruption’ culture in the authority.

Corruption is undoubtedly a harmful and negative phenomenon. The procedures adopted by the Ministry of Health and the manner of performance of the assigned tasks aim at establishing maximum credibility, effectiveness and transparency of works.

The anti-corruption solutions adopted in the Ministry of Health are of multifaceted nature, which allows for assuming that the authority successfully identified the areas of operation at the highest risk of corruption.

Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health is an office of government administration serving the Minister of Health.

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