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The national budged is divided into 98 parts corresponding to individual units of the government sector and government administration. The Minister of Health is the trustee of the 46th part of the budget – Health. The part includes matters referring to:

  • healthcare and healthcare organisation rules,
  • supervision over medicinal products, medical devices, equipment for medical devices and medical devices for in vitro diagnostics, active implantable medical devices and biocidal products, as well as over cosmetics, in the scope of human and animal health safety;
  • organisation and supervision of the National Medical Emergency Rescue system;
  • medical professions;
  • sanitary conditions and supervision (with the exception of supervision of food), coordination of food safety, especially supervision of health quality of food in the production process and in trade, and materials and products having contact with food;
  • genetically modified organisms in the scope of marketing of novel food and in the scope of issuing permits for introduction into trade of medicinal products;
  • health resort treatment;
  • coordination of social security systems in the scope of medical benefits in kind.

Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health is an office of government administration serving the Minister of Health.

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