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Minister of Health Konstanty Radziwiłł ---

The Minister of Health takes part in developing the national policy in the field of health protection, and is responsible for its contents and implementation, through management of the health department of government administration. The Minister also fulfils tasks delegated to him by the Prime Minister and is a trustee of the 46th part of the national budget. The Minister initiates, draws up and carries out the government’s policy in the scope of protection of health, including through preparing drafts of normative acts, cooperation with other members of the Council of Ministers, supervision of activities of the local government administration agencies and co-operation with medical professions’ self governments, social organisations and representatives of professional and creative communities. The Minister runs the policy set by the Council of Ministers and coordinates implementation thereof through agencies, offices and organisational units subordinate thereto or supervised by him. The Minister of Health performs his tasks with the assistance of the Secretary of State, the Undersecretaries of State, the Minister’s Political Cabinet, and the Director General of the Ministry of Health. The Minister directly initiates, coordinates and supervises tasks performance by the Minister’s Political Cabinet, the Department of Analysis and Strategy, the Minister’s Office, Press and Promotion Bureau, and the Independent Section of Classified Information Protection. The Minister supervises the Main Pharmaceutical Inspector, Main Sanitary Inspector, Chemical Substances Inspector, and the President of the Office for Registration of Medicinal Products, Medical Devices and Biocidal Products. The following consultative and advisory bodies work within the framework of the Ministry:: the Management of the Ministry of Health (including permanent members: Secretary of State, Undersecretaries of State, Chief Sanitary Inspector, Main Pharmaceutical Inspector, Chief of the Minister’s Political Cabinet, Director General of the Ministry of Health), the Minister’s Board (including the members of Management and directors of organisational units of the Ministry, spokesperson of the Ministry and the Minister’s advisors) and the audit committee (including the Secretary or the Undersecretary of State, as the chairman, and at least two independent members who are not employees of the Ministry, nor of units subordinate to the Ministry). Persons other than those listed above may also participate in the meetings of the Management and the Board, if invited by the Minister.

ul. Miodowa 15
00-952 Warsaw, Poland
room no.: 162
telephone: + 48 22 634 96 00
+ 48 22 634 92 13 -> between 8.00a.m. – 04.00p.m.
+ 48 22 831 12 12 -> after 04.00p.m.

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