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Undersecretary of State Zbigniew J. Król ---

Participates in the Republic of Poland’s Sejm and Senate’s sessions, as well as sessions of the Sejm and Senate Committees, if cases under scrutiny belong to the scope of his tasks. Is authorised by the Minister of Health to pass decisions (settlements) in his name, including making administrative decisions. He is chairman of the Crisis Management Team. Initiates, coordinates and supervises tasks performed by the Healthcare Organisation Department and the Department of Defence Matters, Crisis Management, Medical Emergency Rescue Service and Classified Information Protection. Supervises the activity of the Research Centre for Quality of Laboratory Diagnostics in Lodz, the Research Centre for Quality of Microbiology in Warsaw, the Central Base of Sanitary and Anti-epidemic Reserves in Poręby, near Zduńska Wola, the Quality in Healthcare Monitoring Centre in Cracow and the Independent Public Healthcare Centre Air Ambulance Service in Warsaw.

ul. Miodowa 15
00-952 Warsaw, Poland
room no.: 106
telephone: + 48 22 634 92 95

fax: + 48 22 831 21 66

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