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Director General Anna Pankowska-Gałaj ---

The Director General is responsible for efficient operation of the office and its readiness for implementation of tasks set by the Minister of Health. The post is one of the higher ones among posts in civil service. Director General is subordinate directly to the head of the office. The basic areas of the Director General’s activities include: ensuring the functioning and continuity of the Ministry’s work, through supervision of organisational units,direct supervision of the Director General Office and Human resources Office,organisational supervision of the course of works on budget draft preparation and budget enforcement system in the part concerning the Ministry,implementation of staff policy,representation of the National Treasury as regards the Ministry’s property,performing tasks of the procurement manager within the meaning of the Act – Public Procurement Law.

ul. Miodowa 15
00-952 Warsaw, Poland
room no.: 036
+ 48 22 634 92 33
+ 48 22 831 21 44
fax: + 48 22 634 94 71

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