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Cooperation with international organizations


The international cooperation of the Ministry of Health with international organizations other than the European Union focuses mainly on the cooperation with the World Health Organization, other specialized organizations, programmes, agencies and organs of the United Nations (those dealing with issues of health, human rights and development), as well as with the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development and the Council of Europe.

The general purpose of this cooperation is the improvement of citizens’ health and enhancement of health security of the country. The Ministry strives to attain this aim through:

  • using best practices and experience of other countries to formulate national policies (concerning e.g. controlling non-communicable diseases, combating communicable diseases or promotion of healthy lifestyle);
  • taking into consideration international strategies on health improvement in strategic and legislative work carried out domestically;
  • cooperation in the field of combating epidemiologic threats of a cross-border nature;
  • cooperation in elaborating the international databases and reports that serve as a reference point for further changes in the Polish health care system;
  • fulfilling the commitments resulting from international agreements ratified by Poland (e.g. United Nations or the Council of Europe conventions).

The cooperation with the international organizations has both technical character (expert meetings, joint projects, current, day-to-day technical cooperation) and political one (high-level multilateral meetings, high-level consultations with representatives of the international organizations).

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