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Bilateral cooperation and development aid


Direct bilateral cooperation between Poland and its partners is important part of international cooperation in the field of health. The Ministry of Health carries out collaboration with different countries in Europe, Asia, North and South America, Africa and the Middle East. The Ministers’ meetings, experts’ meetings, study visits and information exchange are the basic forms of building partnership.

The most dynamic cooperation is carried out between Poland and the neighboring countries: Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Lithuania. Recently Poland has also strengthened its relations with Asian partners, in particular the Republic of Korea and China.

To constantly develop bilateral relations the Polish Ministry of Health signed several agreements with regard to cooperation in the field of health and medical sciences. The parties to these agreements are:

  • Albania;
  • Austria;
  • China;
  • Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Republic of Macedonia (originally the agreement signed with the former Yugoslavia);
  • India;
  • Israel;
  • Republic of Korea;
  • Moldova;
  • Mongolia;
  • Germany;
  • Russia;
  • Tunisia;
  • Italy;
  • Sovereign Military Order of Malta.

These agreements facilitate not only the exchange of knowledge and experience but also the cooperation in the field of cross-border emergency services.

The Visegrad Group (V4) is a flexible mechanism for cooperation and long-standing element of foreign policy based on annually rotating presidency of its four members – the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland.

It is based solely on the principle of periodical meetings of its representatives at various levels (from the high-level meetings of prime ministers and heads of state to expert consultations).

The presiding country develops a program of cooperation for the duration of its presidency and the final report at its conclusion. The annual meeting of the prime ministers of the V4 is the opportunity to summarize the actions and set new targets.

Meetings of V4 health ministers take place on an annual basis. They enable exchange of experience and opinions, as well as give impulses for further work at the expert level.

The Ministry of Health implements development aid projects within the framework of the annual development cooperation plan.

In 2016, the Main Pharmaceutical Inspectorate is carrying out project In-depth capacity building of Ukrainian pharmaceutical inspection.

In 2015 the Main Pharmaceutical Inspectorate carried out project Capacity building of State Administration of Ukraine on Medicinal Products (SAUMP) in the scope of supervision of manufacturing and distribution of medicinal products.

In 2014 the following projects were carried out:

  • Preparation of public administration staff from Moldova to the tasks associated with the process of approximation of the chemicals management of Moldova to the EU legislation and other international standards, Bureau for Chemical Substances,
  • Improving the professional competencies of addiction therapists in line with the relevant European Union best practices and standards (Ukraine), National Bureau for Drug Prevention.

In 2013 the following projects were carried out:

  • Chemicals Management in the Republic of Moldova – approximation to the EU legislation and other international standards, Bureau for Chemical Substances,
  • Preparation and realization of a series of expert workshops in the field of chemical management and environmental protection in Armenia, Bureau for Chemical Substances,
  • Cooperation with Georgia in the area of drug prevention, National Bureau for Drug Prevention,
  • Training of Ukrainian diagnosticians in the latest laboratory techniques in the field of HIV/AIDS in Polish reference laboratories – raising standards of care for people living with HIV/AIDS in Ukraine, National AIDS Center.

In 2012, the Bureau for Chemical Substances implemented the following project: Arrangement and conducting of trainings for professionals on chemicals management and environment protection in Armenia.

More information on the Polish development aid can be found here:,Aid,160.html

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