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A cross-border prescription


In order to ensure to a patient the rights to receive a medicine within the European Union on the basis of the prescription issued in other Member States, a cross-border prescription has been introduced.

Such a prescription may be issued if the patient reported his/her will to fill up the prescription in an EU Member State other than Poland. A cross-border prescription may be dispensed only against full payment regardless the entitlements for which the patient is eligible in Poland.

In order to establish a uniform system allowing for proper recognition of a cross-border prescription on the territory of all EU countries, the European Commission has defined for them minimal requirements.

A cross-border prescription has to include at least:

  • first name or names and surname of the patient;
  • date of birth of the patient;
  • first name or names and surname of the prescribing health professional;
  • professional qualifications of the prescribing health professional (an occupational title);
  • details for direct contact of the prescribing health professional ( e-mail address or telephone or fax number together with an international prefix);
  • address of the place of healthcare supply (name of the town, street, house number, number of premises if given) and in the case of the physicians providing healthcare in a form of an individual medical practise exclusively in a place of the sick call or individual specialist medical practice exclusively in a place of the sick call – the address of the place of receiving calls and place of the medical records storage and the identification „Poland” or the abbreviation „PL”,
  • common name ( international non-proprietary name or brand name if the prescribed product is a biological medicinal product or the prescribing health professional deems it medically necessary, in that case the prescription shall shortly state the reasons for using the brand name;
  • pharmaceutical formulation;
  • dose ( strength);
  • quantity;
  • dosage regimen;
  • issue date;
  • the handwritten signature of the prescribing health professional made on the heads of the prescription

A cross-border prescription can’t be used to prescribe a medicine of the „Rpw” category of availability, which means such one that contains narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances.

A cross-border prescription which hasn’t been filled up in an EU Member States other than Poland may be filled up on the territory of Poland against the full payment. The patient who hasn’t filled up the cross-border prescription in another EU Member State can fill it up on the territory of Poland also with regard to the payment defined in the Reimbursement Act if the prescription has been issued in accordance with the regulations which entitle to its dispensing and reimbursement by the National Health Fund.

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