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Recognition of qualifications of doctors, dentists and pharmacists obtained in other EU member state


If the European Union citizen has got evidence of formal qualifications issued by other European Union member state, member state of European Economic Area or Switzerland, the competent authority for recognition of your qualification in the Republic of Poland is a chamber appropriate for your profession. The appropriate chamber will then recognize your qualifications in accordance with the automatic system set out in the directive 2005/36/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 7 September 2005 on the recognition of professional qualifications (Official Journal of the EU of 2005, L 255, p. 22).

If you are a doctor or a dentist please check details at:

If you are a pharmacists please check details at:

However, should the appropriate chamber find your evidence of formal qualifications as not meeting the requirements set out for the automatic system, it forwards your application to the Minister of Health in the Republic of Poland for the recognition under the provisions of the general system for the recognition of evidence of training also set out in the mentioned above directive.

The main aim of general system for the recognition is to compare whether education profile completed abroad is similar to Polish, including duration and program of the training.

In accordance with the Act of 22 December 2015 on the rules governing recognition of professional qualifications acquired in EU member states (Dz. U. of 2016 poz.65) applicants are to fill in a written application to the Minister of Health to start the recognition procedure. The application is an appendix No. 1 to the regulation of the Minister of Science and Higher Education of 9th October 2008 on the models of the forms submitted to initiate the procedure for the recognition of professional qualifications.

To the application there must be enclosed – a copy of the ID card or passport confirmed as true copy and originals or confirmed as true copies by the authority (either Polish or from other EU or EEA member state) entitled to make such confirmation (for example: university etc.) – of the following documents:

  • confirmation of charge payment of 700,00 PLN: transfer title: opłata za postępowanie w sprawie uznania kwalifikacji, Ministerstwo Zdrowia, ul. Miodowa 15, 00-952 Warszawa, account No.: 69 1010 1010 0013 1322 3100 0000. For international transfers please use: kod SWIFT: NBPLPLPW; IBAN: PL 69 1010 1010 0013 1322 3100 0000.
  • diploma/ certificates;
  • full education program that was followed during studies (with detailed description of subjects and amount of hours );
  • other documents confirming that applicant obtained the professional qualifications (registration number, etc);
  • documents confirming professional experience if applicant chooses so and
  • the certificate from the competent authority of the member state confirming that the qualification of the applicant has been recognized in this member state and that the applicant has got three years’ professional experience in the profession concerned on the territory of the member state which recognized that evidence of formal qualifications;
  • the name of the profession or professional title translated by the sworn translator.

The Minister of Health issues decision on recognition of the professional qualifications only if it is proved that the duration of the training and forms of acquisition of knowledge and practical skills correspond to Polish program of medical studies. Otherwise, the Minister of Health refuses the recognition. Professional experience of physician is also considered during the procedure of recognition the professional qualifications.

If the Minister of Health has found:

  • Substantial differences in education or training;
  • That the duration of the education or training pursued in the home state is at least one year shorter than the one required in the Republic of Poland;
  • That the scope and duration of professional activities are not enough to cover in full or in part the substantial difference in question,

the Minister of Health has the right to apply compensation measures:

  • to complete an adaptation period of up to three years or
  • to take an aptitude test.

After recognition of the diploma, you are eligible to apply to appropriate chamber for license to practice.

Please note that all legal documents (acts and regulations) are available in Polish at the website of the Government Legislative Center (Rządowe Centrum Legislacji): The documents uploaded on their website are legally binding.

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