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Professional self-government


The legal basis for the functioning of the self-government of pharmacists is the Act of 19 April 1991 on pharmaceutical chambers.

The self-government includes all pharmacists who are entered in the relevant registers of pharmacists.

The self-government is independent and subject only to the Act.

The self-government of pharmacists consists of: The Polish Pharmaceutical Chamber and regional pharmaceutical chambers.

The basic tasks of the self-government of pharmacists include:

  • custody and supervision over the practice of the profession;
  • representing the pharmaceutical profession and protecting its interests;
  • preserving the dignity and independence of the profession;
  • codifying, promoting and guarding the principles of ethics and professional deontology;
  • integrating the professional circles;
  • taking a stance in all matters associated with health care organisation and management of medicinal products.

The self-government of pharmacists performs its tasks by:

  • recognising the right to practise the profession of a pharmacist;
  • keeping of the register of pharmacists;
  • cooperation in matters of professional specialisation;
  • expressing opinion on draft legislations concerning medicinal products, pharmacies and the practice of the profession as well as submitting applications for legislative initiatives;
  • expressing opinions in matters associated with granting or withdrawing permits for running pharmacies or wholesale stores;
  • delivering opinions and presenting conclusions in matters of pre-and postgraduate education of pharmacists and pharmaceutical technicians;
  • conducting research concerning pharmaceutical services and the practice of the profession of a pharmacist;
  • protecting the interests of individual and collective members of pharmaceutical chambers;
  • execution of amiable and disciplinary jurisdiction with regard to the professional liability of pharmacists.

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