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Professional liability


The issues of professional liability of pharmacists have been regulated in Chapter 5 (Article 45 et seq.) ofthe Act on pharmaceutical chambers.

The members of the Pharmaceutical Chamber are subject to professional liability before pharmaceutical courts for acting in conflict with the principles of professional ethics and deontology and against legal regulations concerning the profession of a pharmacist.

The bodies authorised to conduct the proceedings are: screeners for professional liability and pharmaceutical courts.

Notifications on professional misconduct can be directed to the Regional Screener for Professional Liability. After examining the case the screener decides whether the case should be directed to the pharmaceutical court.

The pharmaceutical court may impose the following penalties:

  1. caution;
  2. reprimand;
  3. suspension of the right to practise the profession of a pharmacist for a period of three months to three years;
  4. deprivation of the right to practise the profession of a pharmacist.

In cases concerning compensation claims the adjudicating bodies are common courts.

The Supreme Pharmaceutical Council keeps the register of the punished pharmacists.

The information on the punishment is provided for the bodies of pharmaceutical chambers and for persons and institutions that are able to demonstrate their legal interest in such information.

Ministry of Health

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