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Practising the profession


The issues of practising the profession of a pharmacist are regulated by the Act on pharmaceutical chambers.

The purpose of the profession of a pharmacist is to protect public health and provide pharmaceutical services particularly consisting in:

  1. preparation and manufacturing of medicinal products;
  2. evaluation of the quality of magistral, official and ready-made drugs;
  3. releasing medicinal products and medical devices;
  4. preparing magistral and official drugs in pharmacies;
  5. supervising the production, turnover, storage, use and disposal of medicinal products and devices referred to in item 3;
  6. providing information and advice relating to the effects and use of medicinal products and devices referred to in item 3 which are subject to trade in pharmacies and pharmaceutical wholesalers.

By practising their profession the members of the Pharmaceutical Chamber are obliged to:

  1. observe the principles of ethics and professional deontology, act with dignity and perform professional duties conscientiously;
  2. keep confidential information concerning the patient’s health, obtained in the course of practising the profession.

Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health is an office of government administration serving the Minister of Health.

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