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Professional self-government of laboratory diagnosticians


The self-government of laboratory diagnosticians operates on the basis of the provisions of the Act of 27 July 2001 on laboratory diagnostics.

The membership of laboratory diagnosticians to the self-government is obligatory.

The professional self-government is independent in performing its tasks and is subject only to the provisions of the Act.

The sole organisational unit of the self-government of laboratory diagnosticians is The National Chamber of Laboratory Diagnosticians, having its seat in Warsaw.

The tasks of the self-government include in particular:

  • supervision over the due performance of laboratory diagnosis;
  • representing laboratory diagnosticians and protecting their professional interests;
  • acting for permanent improvement of professional qualifications of laboratory diagnosticians;
  • participating in the determination of standards and principles for the evaluation of activities performed by laboratory diagnosticians;
  • integrating the circles of laboratory diagnosticians;
  • conducting health care research.

The self-government of laboratory diagnosticians performs its tasks by:

  • providing opinion about draft legislations and presenting applications concerning legal provisions related to health care;
  • maintaining register of laboratory diagnosticians and a register of laboratories;
  • conducting disciplinary proceedings for laboratory diagnosticians;
  • recognising the right to practise the profession of a laboratory diagnostician;
  • supervising and evaluating laboratory diagnosis performed by laboratory diagnosticians;
  • suspending and depriving of the right to practise the profession and restricting the practice of the profession.

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