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Drugs and other substances


The addiction is defined uniformly regardless of the type of psychoactive substance. It is a complex of physiological, behavioral and cognitive phenomena, among them behaviors associated with absorbing psychoactive substances have a distinct advantage over other which have had a considerable value for the person in the past. The main symptom of addiction is very strong desire to absorb psychoactive substance which entirely interferes with the sense of control and it disturbs the border between freedom and compulsion. The addiction leads to negative impact of abused substance on the overall activity of the unit. Taking psychoactive substance by the addicted person, even after a long period of abstinence, can be a reason of rapid recurrence of symptoms, what means that the person stays addicted to the rest of his life.

In order to determine the syndrome of addiction those definitions are often used: pill-taking, drug addiction, toxin addiction, chemical addiction and the addiction.

Implementing and coordinating the national policy of counteracting drug addiction directed on limiting the use of intoxicants and psychoactive substances is a purpose of National Bureau for Drug Prevention’s which is a budgetary unit of the Ministry of Health.

The basic documents which define aims, objectives and area of government administration and units of local authorities in the scope of counteracting drug addiction are:

  • Act of Law of 29 July 2005 on Counteracting Drug Addiction (Journal of Laws from 2012 pos. 124 as amended)
  • Regulation of the Council of Ministers of 22 March 2011 on the National Programme of Counteracting Drug Addiction for years 2011-2016 (Journal of Laws from 2011 No. 78, pos. 428)

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