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National e-Health projects


The project is implemented under Priority VII of the Innovative Economy Operational Programme „Information Society” – development of electronic administration.

The objective of the project is to build an electronic platform for public health care services, enabling public authorities, companies (including health care facilities, pharmacies, medical practices) and citizens to collect, analyse and share digital resources regarding medical events. Implementation of the project will also contribute to the improvement of the quality of public administration responsible for the healthcare sector, increasing the capacity of public institutions through the computerization of public services and the business environment using the e-Health services.

The main objective of the project will be implemented through the following specific objectives:

  • improvement in the quality of services provided to patients;
  • health care planning;
  • electronic accounting;
  • crisis management;
  • ensuring interoperability with European electronic platforms regarding health care;
  • ensuring reliability of data regarding medical events.

Description of the project:

An electronic platform supporting handling and exchange of electronic medical records will be launched as part of the Project. Thus, an electronic platform for public health care services will be created, enabling various interested parties to collect, analyse and share digital resources regarding medical events. As part of the project the necessary level of security of the data processed will be ensured. As regards the data processed, the system assumes that both data entry into the system and their processing will be performed with the full knowledge of the patient, ensuring the required security measures and confidentiality.

Key benefits of the Project:

  • access to patient medical data regardless of time and place,
  • faster access to case history,
  • more effective treatment owing to updating data in the patient’s medical documentation,
  • better time management owing to on-line registration,
  • easy access to medical information through online portals,
  • secure storage of medical data,
  • e-Prescription – convenient, safe and practical form of purchasing drugs,
  • possibility of monitoring by a doctor if prescription was purchased,
  • easier self-control of health owing to access to examination results.

Implementation of the various parts of the P1 project will take place on increments:

  • May 2014: e-prescription, e-referral, Patient Internet Account, e-orders;
  • September 2014: reporting and monitoring.

All parts of the project will be accessible on national level from the beginning of the 2015.

In the financial perspective for the years 2007-2013, within the 7th priority axis of the Innovative Economy Operational Program, a project has been implemented, entitled: Platform for sharing services and resources of digital medical records with on-line businesses (P2). Within the P2 project a platform for medical records was established and launched at the beginning of 2013. The Medical Records Platform is a universal IT tool used to keep registers and provide electronic services that ensure the optimal level of safety. During integration with the P2 platform the registers are rebuilt so that they are consistent with the reference architecture of a medical register. This allows them to communicate with the P2 platform by means of web services or to be entirely embedded on the P2 platform. In 2013 and in the first quarter of 2014 the following registers were integrated with the P2 platform:

  • Register of permits for running commonly available pharmacies, pharmacy points and register of permits for running hospital and company pharmacies as well as hospital pharmacy departments,
  • Register of permits for running pharmaceutical warehouses,
  • Coding Systems Register,
  • Register of Medically Assisted Procreation mentioned in the programme „Infertility treatment by in vitro fertilisation for the years 2013 – 2016”,
  • Residency IT System (SIR) handling the process of residency contracts implementation,
  • Register of Medicinal Products Authorised for the Market on the territory of the Republic of Poland.

The National Centre for Health Information Systems (CSIOZ) based on a system and technical infrastructure independent from P2 holds the National Register of Blood Donors, the National Register of Cardiovascular Operations, the Central Register of Patients with Cerebral Palsy (CRCMPD), the Monitoring System of Consumer Accidents (SMWK) and the Healthcare Communication System (ZOZMAIL).

In addition, CSIOZ is currently working on the integration of other medical registers on the P2 platform in 2014, i.e. the Central List of Pharmacists and the List of Laboratory Diagnosticians.

The functionality of the Document Exchange Platform allows public administration entities and entrepreneurs to download the registered data, exchange electronic documents between entrepreneurs and registration bodies, track current request state, receive automatic confirmation of document delivery and mark electronic documents (e.g. with date and time or electronic signature).

The Publication Platform portal is a new Internet healthcare portal, that brings together potential recipients of its contents, e.g. patients, physicians, nurses and pharmacists. The portal is still under development and will be launched under the project „Electronic Platform for Collection, Analysis and Sharing of Digital Medical Records” (P1), which is currently implemented by CSIOZ.

The portal constitutes an implementation of the Act on health information system. In accordance with the provisions of the Act, the purpose of the portal is to deliver requested and credible information concerning the healthcare sector and related issues to a wide group of recipients. The portal will constitute a dedicated communication tool, assisting the Minister of Health in the implementation of the broadly understood mission of promoting knowledge related to healthcare among the society.

The objectives for the implementation of the PPP are defined as follows:

  • To provide a common, consistent and consolidated set of credible information related to healthcare.
  • Enable access to information connected with the health system for the relevant service providers.
  • Improve the service providers’ access to information related to healthcare and information on the electronic access to data regarding the provided and planned health services.
  • Share current information related to electronic transfer and collection of healthcare data.
  • Disseminate knowledge about healthcare IT systems and telemedicine, including publication of statistics and analyses concerning the informatisation of the health system.


The information available on the portal will include matters connected with medicine refunds, social consultations in the healthcare sector, information about waiting lines for health services and the announcements of the Main Pharmaceutical Inspectorate. The portal should also constitute a place where each citizen will be able to expand their knowledge about informational projects implemented in healthcare.

In the future the portal will contain the following:

  • Statistics, reports and analyses concerning the condition and development of the information system.
  • Databases on training courses for medical and managerial staff, including electronic courses.
  • Information on the terms and conditions of the healthcare and information system.

The Publication Platform portal will be used for sharing information associated with the health system with the end users, particularly with patients, service providers, pharmacists and medical personnel in a form available in the World Wide Web.

Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health is an office of government administration serving the Minister of Health.

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