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Legal grounds


The development of e-Health in the Republic of Poland requires consistent policy within the state with regard to implementing remote, commonly available medical services, disseminating valuable texts about health on the Internet and providing conditions for the increase in the level of knowledge about health among the residents, accompanied a simultaneous acquisition of new qualifications and skills by the employees of the healthcare sector. Initiatives aimed at developing electronic services are also recommended and financially supported by the European Union.

In order to facilitate the implementation and precise assignment of tasks to particular entities, and at the same time to ensure coordination and control over these activities, the Sejm of the Republic of Poland adopted the Act of 28 April 2011 on health information system. The Act will allow legal functioning of the entire information system.

The primary objective of the Act of 28 April 2011 on health information system is, above all:

  • To arrange the existing system of collection, processing and use of information in healthcare, e.g. by defining the „Electronic Platform for Collection, Analysis and Sharing of Digital Medical Records” (P1), along with a number of IT systems and registers operating within the scope of the health information systems.
  • Create information and communication conditions that would allow the making of efficient and long-lasting decisions regarding the health policy, regardless of the adopted organisational model of the healthcare sector and its financing principles.
  • Develop a stable information system in healthcare, characterised by flexible approach to the organisation of the healthcare resources protection system, including the mode of financing services from public funds, while withstanding disorders arising in the course of gathering and filing data, caused by system changes in healthcare.
  • Improve the functioning of health care in Poland by ensuring complexity, interoperability, validity and consistency of standards, processes, systems and informative resources of healthcare that affect the consistency and informative order within the sector, with particular focus on informative needs of the citizens.
  • Optimise expenditures incurred for the computerisation of the healthcare sector and the development of IT society in the field of healthcare with regard to the achieved effects.
  • Restore proper relations between the data creators, administrators of information systems who collect data, and the entities who utilise and analyse information generated in information systems.
  • Establish clear and transparent legal grounds for the current and future medical registers.

Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health is an office of government administration serving the Minister of Health.

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